Hey I'm Bonita! 

Raised by a resilient single black woman, I learned the true meaning of making ends meet during challenging times, navigating the depths of a recession. Growing up, opportunities to explore life's simple pleasures were scarce, but with each accessible moment, I eagerly embraced the excitement. Trial by Fire Events isn't just about creating memorable occasions; it's a reflection of my life—a journey shaped by the pursuit of joy in the face of adversity. 

In crafting events, I aim to inspire reflections on happiness and the boundless abundance of life. This is more than a business; it's a dream woven with threads of community and togetherness. I want to ignite a passion for a better quality of life, inspiring individuals of all ages. More than just a tearjerker, it's a call to make dreams a reality—because everyone deserves to feel included and revel in life's little things. With each event, I'm working towards a world where joy is a shared experience, and dreams are celebrated together. 

 #DreamsInMotion #CommunityUnity

Professional Objectives


Being adaptable to changing circumstances and client needs, staying ahead of industry shifts and challenges. 

     Diversity and Inclusion 

     Promoting diversity and inclusion in event planning, ensuring events are accessible and welcoming to ALL. 

 Community Impact 

    Using events to contribute positively to the community, whether through charitable initiatives, environmental sustainability, or cultural enrichment.